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Synchronised Swimming 

"We believe that it’s not enough just to learn to swim, we want to inspire our swimmers to love the water."

Beginner Level Synchronised Swimming Classes 

Classes are structured as an introduction to Synchronised Swimming teaching all the main aquatic skills needed for this discipline in a fun way!


We are partnered with  Sevenoaks Synchro Club and our courses are designed to build the core skills required for entry level into the Club and is open to boys and girls who would like to try synchronised swimming.
The entry criteria for the course are:


  • Swimmers are able to competently swim 25m front crawl and backstroke using the correct technique.

  • They can tread water confidently for one minute.

  • And they can confidently float in a star, pencil and mushroom position for at least 10 seconds.


The course will focus on building the stamina, strength and technique required for synchro key skills, such as eggbeater legs, sculling, somersaults and underwater swimming, as well as an introduction to the synchro moves used during performance routines.

BOOKINGS: Contact us for info at: Email or call 07969 164138


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