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Power, grace and endurance – the joy of Synchronised Swimming for all​

Early last year, in partnership with Sevenoaks Synchro Club, we launched beginners Synchronised Swimming lessons at Radnor House, Sevenoaks. This energetic and graceful sport, part of the Summer Olympic programme since 1984, provides the most incredible all round work out for both boys and girls (did you know that in 2015 Synchro became a mixed sport in all domestic and international competitions?).

The physical and mental health benefits of Synchro include . . .

  • Flexibility

  • Increased aerobic capacity

  • Increased stamina

  • Increased endurance

  • Increased muscular strength

  • Learning routines gives the brain a good workout!

  • Increased confidence and team building

  • Increased health and wellbeing through endorphins!

Find out more from Swim England and take a look at this video from the Olympic Channel, which gives a great introduction to Synchronised Swimming.

Former professional dancer, PE teacher and Aqualife’s longest-serving instructor, Gosia Zielinska-Dagostin, teaches our Synchro lessons. Originally from Poland, where she gained a Masters In Physical Education, Gosia believes that Synchro is ideal for anyone who has a passion for dance, music and swimming . . .“It is an amazing way to challenge yourself in the water, to demonstrate grace and a great way to build strong friendships.”

Gosia grew up in Wroclaw, Poland and has been living and working in the UK for over 15 years. She grew up in a very sporty family (both her parents were PE teachers) and, as a child, competed in every sports competition she could! She also travelled across Poland as part of an award-winning children’s dance group for 10 years and went on to become a member of a Polish folk dance group – an experience she will never forget as they travelled extensively performing in Poland and abroad.

Having worked briefly in the England during one summer holiday, Gosia decided to return to Poland to complete her studies before heading back to the UK for one more holiday . . . only to stay forever! Much as she misses her hometown of Wroclaw, Gosia loves being a swimming instructor and especially helping swimmers overcome their fear of the water and achieving small steps in their aquatic journey . . . “I’m very proud to be a part of their swimming adventure.”

Gosia is qualified to teach the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework stages 8, 9 and 10 for Synchronised Swimming. Her fun classes focus on building the stamina, strength and technique required for Synchro key skills - such as eggbeater legs, sculling, somersaults and underwater swimming, as well as an

introduction to the Synchro moves used during performance routines.

Contact us for class information. Contact us by email or call 07969 164138 for more information

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