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Adult Learn to Swim Classes – Giving yourself a life skill

“Everyone can learn to swim, it’s just the journey that is different”

Over the past year I have had many enquiries from adults looking for swimming lessons. I am always amazed at how many people can’t swim, have never been taught or have tried to learn but had a bad experience or insufficient teaching. If this is you, then you are not alone! According to Swim England ( one in five adults in the UK are not able to swim, this equates to almost 9 million people.

Whilst in Spain this summer I decided to ask some of my fellow holidaymakers around the pool and on the beach how they felt about swimming and their relationship with the water. The overwhelming response (after getting over the slightly intrusive questioning!) was that the only time they ever went near the water was on holiday and many had lost confidence on how to swim, never wanting to put themselves out of their depth. Almost everyone said that they wished they could swim better; that they would love to feel more confident swimming with their children; and that this would mean they could enjoy aquatic holiday activities far more.

But did you know, as well has having fun with the kids and sailing around the Mediterranean (!) swimming is known to be one of the best fitness activities there is?

Swimming is excellent for weight management as you’ll burn more calories swimming than taking part in many other sports. For example, swimming 30 minutes of breaststroke burns an average of 367.5 calories whereas running for 30 minutes at 6mph would burn 300 calorie, on average. You’ll be using your entire body when you swim so a whole range of muscles will be strengthened by the exercise.

Water-based exercise enables your body to use a maximum range of motion and, as water is 800 times denser than air, you are already working at least 12 to 14 times harder than on land. Respiration and lung capacity is improved and increased in a very short space of time, ideal for those keen to improve endurance. Breathing skills learnt also aid and assist not just in the pool but across all areas of life.

Protection from injury is another big plus for swimming as support from the water eliminates any impact damage to joints, ideal for anyone suffering from past injuries or post-natal. A low impact exercise such as swimming is an ideal way to encourage muscle recovery and increase flexibility. Working out in water also lowers the heart rate and keeps the body cool so you are able to work for longer without over-heating.

For more detail on all the benefits check out a brilliant recent piece of research from Swim England -

I believe that everyone can learn to swim and become confident in the water, it’s just the journey that is different. Swimming is as unique to everyone as each of our bodies are different and our fears, whether they are physical or psychological, will be personal to us. The Aqualife ethos is about supporting people on their aquatic journey to achieve their goals in the right way for them. We take a holistic view with each swimmer that comes to us and work with their individual needs at a pace that suits them.

Aqualife Swimming offers bespoke 121 lessons and small adult group sessions for people looking to learn to swim, improve confidence and develop fitness. All our instructors are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience. These sessions are adults only and delivered in a calm and private environment away from lessons for children and spectators.

Lessons are available Mondays & Fridays at Radnor House from 7pm and on Wednesdays at The New Beacon School, also from 7pm.

For more information contact us via email ( or give us a call (07969 164138).

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