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The Benefits of Swimming during Pregnancy

Penny, founder of Aqualife Swimming, shares her thoughts on why swimming when you are expecting a baby can have a myriad of physical and mental health benefits during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Swimming has always been part of my life and played an important part through both of my pregnancies and births. Having had both my babies at home in the birthing pool I was inspired to become an Aqua Natal Teacher and to share the benefits of swimming throughout pregnancy and the positive effects it can provide during labour.

The benefits of swimming for exercise are endless and this has never been truer than for expectant mums. Finding a safe, effective and relaxing exercise program is important during pregnancy, not only for keeping your body strong but helping you to relax and focus your mind on your journey ahead.

Bonding with your bump in the pool is an amazing experience, as your baby is effectively swimming along with you in the womb. Babies will start to feel and pick up on the noise and sensation of mum swimming in the water, as well as the feeling of the water moving over your bump. You will benefit from the positive hormones and endorphins given off by exercise and the best bit . . . total relaxation by floating weightless in the pool.

Swimming is a truly beautiful way to connect with your baby.

Some of the key benefits of Aqua Natal swimming include:

  • The water supports your changing body shape

  • It ensures you don’t overheat whilst exercising

  • It helps to relieve stress and reduces blood pressure

  • It strengthens both the abdominal and back muscles

  • It improves circulation, muscular strength and endurance

  • It’s a fun and sociable activity

Aqualife Swimming’s specially designed swim courses for expectant mums offer a holistic experience focusing on strengthening exercises, adapted swimming methods, relaxation and birthing breathing techniques.

For more information on classes or booking please do give us a call on 07969 164137 or email

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